The Importance of School Lunch

Whether in the United States or abroad, school lunch is an important part of any school system. Working with children on and off throughout the years, I’ve witnessed how hunger can impact not only a child’s health but also their education. School lunch provides students with the nutrition and energy they need to stay focusedContinue reading “The Importance of School Lunch”

The Adenkrebi Basic School Nutrition Initiative

Prior to 2021, I had several dreams about starting a school lunch program. From my experience working in the school system and with children, both in the States and abroad, I understand the importance of school lunch. I can remember working with students who relied on school lunch because it was either their only balancedContinue reading “The Adenkrebi Basic School Nutrition Initiative”

Strengthening Your Immune System through Diet, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Management

Every day the body is exposed to invaders ready to wreak havoc on our health.  Taking preventative measures may help protect the immune system from being compromised; strengthening your internal defense system. Diet Your diet is one of the most important lines of defense.  Vitamins, minerals, and even protein play a vital role in protectingContinue reading “Strengthening Your Immune System through Diet, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Management”

From the Food Pyramid to MyPlate

Every 10 years, the United States Department of Agriculture updates food recommendations based on current research findings. In 2011, we moved away from the Food Pyramid and began using MyPlate. MyPlate MyPlate is broken down into five food categories (Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein, and Dairy), and gives us an easier, color coded description of whatContinue reading “From the Food Pyramid to MyPlate”

The Essentials of Water

Soothing, refreshing, replenishing; making up about 60% of the body, water is an essential nutrient that plays an important role in your health. What impact does water have on the body? Regulates blood pressure and body temperature Lubricates joints Protects the brain Promotes healthy skin Removes waste from the body Aids in digestion You mayContinue reading “The Essentials of Water”

Nutrition: Getting Back to the Basics

In a culture where we get caught up in the latest trends and diets, it’s important to know what the basics are when it comes to nutrition. There are several terms floating around in the world of nutrition, and to some, it may seem confusing or even overwhelming. But no worries, here is a simpleContinue reading “Nutrition: Getting Back to the Basics”