The Importance of School Lunch

Whether in the United States or abroad, school lunch is an important part of any school system. Working with children on and off throughout the years, I’ve witnessed how hunger can impact not only a child’s health but also their education.

School lunch provides students with the nutrition and energy they need to stay focused and engaged in their studies. The importance of school lunch goes beyond just providing food, it also helps to improve student attendance, reduce dropout rates, and encourage healthier eating habits. With proper school lunch programs in place, students are more likely to have better academic outcomes and reach their full potential.

We’ve seen such outcomes through the Adenkrebi Basic School Nutrition Initiative. When Helping Other People Excel For Tomorrow Inc. (H.O.P.E. For Tomorrow) and the Alliance For African Women Initiative implemented the initiative, school registration at Adenkrebi Basic School increased from 181 students to 230 students within a matter of months. Headmaster Gideon Nutsugah also reported during a stakeholder meeting with the school board that school attendance had also improved as students were expecting lunch. By providing healthy school lunches, we are working to ensure that children are well-fed and ready to learn each day.

School lunch also plays an important role in fighting malnutrition. By providing balanced meals, schools can ensure that all children get the nutrition they need to stay healthy and develop properly. In Ghana, one of the reasons why the School Feeding Programme was implemented is to combat childhood malnutrition. Although the program has helped students, the government is working to expand coverage to more schools and students outside of the current requirements for funding. The Adenkrebi Basic School Nutrition Initiative provides a supplement to cover all students and improve lunch options so that students can have a balanced lunch. We are also working towards making the initiative sustainable by hiring locals, cultivating a school garden, and starting a poultry farm.

Good nutrition is essential for children to reach their full potential and do well in school. The Adenkrebi Basic School Nutrition Initiative is only the beginning for H.O.P.E. For Tomorrow. One of our goals is to partner with local NGOs, schools, and communities around the world to expand and improve nutrition options for students.

Visit to learn more about H.O.P.E. For Tomorrow.


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