Where in the World is Tonja?

Sadly, back in the U.S. after having the ultimate public health experience!

It’s been a few months since I last posted, and I kind of have the best excuse…I was away in Ghana for over three months doing what I love to do most, using my skills to serve and help other people.

If you’ve read my other posts about Ghana, then you know just how much I love the country. People often ask me why I love Ghana but it’s hard for me to explain exactly why. What I am able to tell people doesn’t completely capture my depth of love for the country which I call my home away from home. I tell them that I feel more free in Ghana than I do in America. I tell them that there are things I don ’t have to worry about in Ghana that I do in the U.S.

There are benefits to living in America, and Ghana is by no means perfect, but…there’s no place like home…in Ghana. The people, the culture, the sounds, the languages; there’s so much to love.

This was the longest I’ve been in Ghana, and I’ve learned more than I ever before. I’ve learned more about the healthcare system and how more complex it is than I once thought. I’ve learned about the school system and changes that have been made which are affecting children all over the country. And I’ve learned about the government.

Change first starts at home, but I know that I’m called to do more. I also no longer feel bad for being called to do work outside of the U.S. I know that my borders expand beyond one city, one state, one nation, and one continent. And right now…Ghana is one of the places I’m called to.

Over the next few posts, I’ll share several stories about the work I did and the people I met.  

Until next time!


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